Electric Engraving Pen YT-110

G.W.: 0.35 kg
Packing Dimensions: 20 x 15.5 x 55 cm

YT-110. In Stock 20 x 16 x 55 cm 1 kg .

The electric engraving pen is extensively suitable for metal, porcelain, marble, etc. on the material carving. The electric engraving pen are reasonable in design, pretty and cleverly-made and using conveniently. Looked at deeply by the masses of consumer’s forms after putting out. A lot of producer and distributor, for products already make secret mark of having since, dispel send back goods vexation when, reduce unnecessary losses, remove the worry.

This product utilizes the frequency cycle characteristic of alternating current, the products are compelled vibration, drive the metal very beginning of high hardness of the strainght pole top, so can carve characters calmly.

Technical data:

  • Instrument body, diameter 45 x 160 mm
  • Mass 300 g
  • Blow speed: 3000/min
  • Length of the power supply cable 1.8 m
  • 5-step control of speed
  • Adjustable blow force
  • Sound level 77-79 dB
  • Power supply: AC 220/110 V 50/60Hz
  • The pin of high quality is produced from the wolfram carbide
  • Usage for all types of materials with hardness
  • Power range: 25W

Operation method:
while using, hold the fuselage in right hand, like holding pens, is it dig head slope,is it carve to move slightly at material object, place that row can leave mark to make. The variable shelf location, depth differ. According to different materials, regulate rationally by oneself.

The precautions:

  • a.Use a product in succession, generally unsuitable to exceed an hour in summer, the coil so as not to burn out.
  • b.When the fuselage outer cover generates heat, use after cooling.
  • c.Please don’t put this product in child’s keeping in touch area, in case that the accident.
  • d.In order to use safely,need to check frequently whether there is phenomenon of leaking electricity.
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 16 x 55 cm


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