Electric tapping machine ETM-24H-AN

G.W.: 42 kg.
Packing Dimensions: 77 x 69 x 21 cm.

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ETM-24H-AN. In Stock 77 x 69 x 21 cm 44 kg .
Model ETM-24H-AN
Power Suppy ACC220V 50/60Hz
Power of servomotor 1200W
Mar.Tapping Speed 200RPM
Working Area Horizontal:1300mm
Vertical: 400mm Adjustable
Tapping Capacity M4-M24
Tapping Direction Vertical

>>AC Servomotor

>>Tapping arm(Working Area Optional:1400mm,2000mm)

>>Tap Holder:M4-8,M10,M12,M14,M16,M18-20,M22,M24( For ISO 529 Tap)

>>Optional: For JIS Tap and For DIN 371 Tap

>> Fixed Joint( only tapping in vertical direction)

>> Optional:Universal Joint( tapping in any angle)


1. ETM-24 electric tapping machine is suitable for all kinds of machinery, mold and auto parts.

2. The machine adopts suspension mechanical hand which can tap any angle. It is flexible and has convenient tapping.

3. Interface uses push-button operation which is simple and convenient to use. It can operate any works.

4. The machine adopts integrated design, the whole bracket uses high strength aluminum alloy with the advantages of durable, non-deformation and simple operation. The efficiency of tapping thread warping is 50-100 times of the traditional equipment.

5. The use of electrics tapping machine is the development trend of mechanical industry.

6. The machine adopts two modes: automatic mode and manual mode.

Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 77 x 69 x 21 cm